Starting Your First Newsletter in 6 Steps

15 Nov 2018 01:53 PM By Elsie Silva Kniff

Newsletters, everyone is doing it.....

Choosing a name for your newsletter can often time be daunting and the most difficult part of bringing a newsletter to life. In starting it you need to create and decide on a name that is unique and catchy tile that is engaging. That is not too long or not too short. That is just right.  So as you find yourself in this conundrum, remember there is a process that can simplify.

Step 1 – Target Audience – Who is this newsletter intended for? What they like and dislike? What brings this target audience to this newsletter

Step 2 – Define its purpose – Many times entrepreneurs and small business owners are told, you need a blog and a newsletter. However without a purpose you will be “freestyling” and you will confuse readers resulting in not building the follow-ship of your target audience.

Step 3 – Choosing a name – In essence a reader should have a basic understanding as to what the newsletter is about. You can use Rhyming for example, industry sector words, etc. It is always a great idea to do a brainstorm of words and see if any blend together or flow.

Step 4 – Really know your target audience – Seriously! This is so important we mentioned it twice. Depending on what you want your brand to represent and why you want them to return.  Business newsletter, for example can be fun, but may be more serious than a newsletter  geared towards kids or parents. You can still be quirky but be relevant.

Step 5 – Determine your content – ensure that your content is fulfilling the purpose of the newsletter and represents your organization’s brand, your values and styles. Brand is more than just a logo. The article, the images, the wording, etc. all represents your brand. An image displaying a joke about discrimination would not be your best image for a Human resources website. 

Step 6 – Be consistent! If you only have time to produce it once a quarter, then do that and be consistent and on time. If you are committing to a weekly newsletter, consider if your audience will feel inundated and if you can keep it up…every week.

Do you need to get the creative juices flowing? Here are some ideas to get started…

There are so many different categories and audiences. Do his over a lunch and learn in the office or ask for help in you favourite networking group.

​Do you have better ideas than mine? Awesome!!! Please comment below and let’s share.